The services offered are temporary emergency services. Services are offered to children, families, individuals, unwed mothers and handicapped persons.

The Township Supervisor administers all government duties of the township, pay bills for the township and fills the needs of the indigents of their township.

Food, rent, heat, light, medical and hospital services may be offered to families and individuals from the area. The Pontiac Police handle transients in Pontiac Township only.


Livingston County.


Referrals are usually from Public Aid, IHR, Court Services, the City Police and other social agencies.


As per application. Based on IL Public Aid Income Guidelines.


Funding is provided through township taxes.


Amity James Donze, Cornell 358-2973

Avoca Jone Meister, Fairbury 692-3367

Bell Prairie Norm Harms, Fairbury 692-3890

Broughton LaVerne Canham, Jr., Emington 934-5487

Charlotte Irvin D. Wilken, Chatsworth 635-3769

Chatsworth Stephen Kurtenbach, Chatsworth 635-3532

Dwight Patti Rosenbaum, Dwight 584-1865

Eppards Point Anne Bourgeois, Pontiac 842-3623

Esmen Susan Curtiss, Pontiac 844-6387

Fayette Kenneth Lehmann, Forrest 688-3489

Forrest Mark Davis, Forrest 657-8471

Germanville Richard Weller, Chatsworth 217-388-2345

Indian Grove Keith Coleman, Fairbury 692-2580

Long Point Andrew Zehr, Flanagan

Nebraska Douglas Smith, Flanagan 309-432-2709

Nevada Douglas Abry, Odell 998-2621

Newton David T. Fulkerson, Manville 672-4065

Odell Robert Legner, Odell 998-2428

Owego Carol Rich, Pontiac 844-6950

Pike John Wahls, Pontiac 945-7504

Pleasant Ridge Tom Kilgus, Forrest 657-8646

Pontiac Louis Lyons, Pontiac Office: 844-6682

Reading Gretchen Mehalic, Streator 672-0448

Rooks Creek Sarah Jacobs, Graymont 842-4380

Round Grove Daniel Hogan, Buckingham 567-3431

Saunemin Rick Vitzthum, Pontiac 832-4418

Sullivan Timothy Taylor, Cullom 689-2333

Sunbury John Duffy, Blackstone 586-4841

Union James Drach, Emington 832-4440

Waldo David Wettstein, Gridley 309-747-2459