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COMMUNITY ACTION is a non-profit organization dedicated to building community and combating poverty through our programs and through cooperation with other agencies to help families and individuals achieve self-sufficiency.

LOW INCOME HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM is a one-time payment towards utility bills for heat and electricity. The amount of payment varies based upon the household size and the amount of gross household income received during the past 30 days. Emergency assistance for shut-off utilities and furnace repair and replacement are also available through this program. The Percentage of Income Payment Plan is also available for income eligible households. This payment plan is designed to assist eligible clients monthly with energy payments. The utility companies that are participating in the program are Ameren, Nicor, and Commonwealth Edison.

FAMILY STABILIZATION AND CASE MANAGEMENT is designed to help individuals and families help themselves move toward higher levels of self-sufficiency through a case management-based approach. The emphasis will be on gathering and providing information, conducting assessments, and referring individuals/families to MCCA programs and/or other community services. Program participants must be motivated and expected to participate in case management to identify needs, set goals and learn how to become more self-sufficient. Case managers will provide information, assessment, referrals, budget counseling, life skills education, and advocacy. Any service-related payments made on behalf of participants will be a by-product of case management services and working through a realistic, step-by-step plan of action. Service payments will reflect a variety of individualized needs and may include such circumstances as homelessness, rental needs, budgeting, credit repair, LIHEAP assistance, life skill needs, education, employment, and transportation. Payments are based on a combination of client’s need(s), availability of agency funds, and access to collaborative resources from other local agencies.

HOUSING PROGRAM is a program, which provides qualified first time homebuyers with down payment / closing cost assistance. The assistance is in the form of a loan that is forgivable if the buyer owns and lives in the home during the first five years. Applicants must meet HUD income eligibility requirements and qualify for a loan from a participating lender. This program also offers homebuyer education workshops both online and in-house. Anyone is eligible to take the class to gain invaluable information regarding the home purchasing process. The workshops offer a prospective or existing homeowner practical knowledge about homeownership. This will make the purchasing process easier and more understandable, as well as provide essential information every homeowner should have. In addition, counseling serves for those facing the possibility of foreclosure is also available.

WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM assists income eligible homeowners by installing energy conservation materials in the home at no cost. The program can provide many of the following:
1. Sealing cracks with weather-strips and caulk
2. Insulating attics and walls
3. Repairing windows and doors
4. Replacing windows or adding storm windows
5. Clean and tune the furnace
6. Repair the furnace
7. Retrofit or in some cases, replace the furnace.


Livingston and McLean Counties


Referrals are made from other agencies in the community, such as Department of Human Services, Township Supervisors, Health Department, Housing Authority, Salvation Army, etc.


Eligibility is determined by household gross income during the past 30-90 days for all programs except weatherization, which is based on previous 12 months.




Gena Glover Director of Program Operations

Teri McWethy Energy Assistance Program Coordinator

Becky Berry Family Stabilization and Case Management Coordinator

Todd Goodman Housing Program Coordinator

Kevan Zinn Weatherization Program Coordinator