119 ½ N. Mill Street (Effective Fall 2011, address will be 110 N. Main St.)
PO Box 405
Pontiac, IL 61764-0405
TEL: (815) 844-5177
FAX: (815)-842-1600

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday


Livingston County Probation / Court Services Department provides both juvenile and adult probation services.

The juvenile division supervises minors ordered by the Court; referrals are made for medical and mental health services, organized recreation, job placement, educational services, and services needed by family members of wards. Probation Officers act as a liaison between the Court and agencies to which minors are referred or through which they are placed, and when so appointed, serve as guardian of the ward. Like services are also provided to wards and probationers of courts from other counties or jurisdictions who have lawfully become local residents.

The juvenile division provides juvenile intake screening services along with a cognitive skills program. The intake screening process begins with a police report alleging commission of an offense by a minor that is forwarded to Court Services. A Probation Officer meets with minor and family, and makes contact with victims, Police Officers, and representatives of other involved agencies, to provide the State’s Attorney with complete information, so that an appropriate prosecutorial decision can be made. An emphasis is placed on providing the same services to the minor/family/victim without Court intervention, by diversion if possible, through a voluntary supervision program (Juvenile Pre-Trial Supervision). The cognitive skills program is a group counseling program for high risk male juvenile offenders designed to address cognitive, or thinking/ reasoning deficits, with a goal of reducing recidivism.

The Gender Responsivity Program is a program of self-discovery and empowerment, designed to encourage girls and young women to find and express themselves. Interactive exercises are utilized to help the girls develop a positive sense of self, build healthy relationships, promote physical and emotional awareness, make appropriate decisions regarding sexual activity, avoid substance abuse, and plan for a positive future.

Services provided by the probation officers of the adult division include: investigation of the case of any person sentenced to probation; notification of the Court of any previous convictions for crimes or previous probations; to make required reports and notifications in writing and file in the respective cases; to preserve complete records of cases investigated, including description of the person investigated, the action of the Court, and the subsequent history of such person; if he/she becomes a probationer; to watch over all persons placed on probation under such terms as may be prescribed by the Court; to develop and operate reasonable programs for any person placed on probation or supervision; and to take charge of a probationer who has been transferred to Livingston county the same as if the case had originated in the county, and to report, in writing, the progress of the probationer to the originating county or state.

This office is also responsible for a community service program. The community service program serves both juvenile and adult offenders as ordered by the court, as an agreement to the voluntary program, or as an administrative sanction. This provides the judicial system with alternatives to sentencing the offenders.

Electronic Monitoring of certain adult / juvenile offenders placed on home confinement, GPS monitoring in domestic violence cases, or constant alcohol scram monitoring is another responsibility of the department.


Law enforcement agencies, schools, other social agencies and the community may make referrals to this office.


Michael J. Shaughnessy Director/Chief Probation Officer

Ron R. Baker Supervisor


Ramona G. Beasley Intra/Inter-State Transfer Cases

Scott R. Spray Pre-Sentence Investigation Officer / Adult & Juvenile Supervision

Mark T. Salata Adult & Juvenile Supervision


Heidi J. Pollard Adult & Juvenile Supervision

Joseph L. Cleary Adult & Juvenile Supervision

Deanndre L. Gabor Juvenile Intakes

Billie Jo Henson Pre-Sentence Investigation Officer

Erick S. Mund Adult & Juvenile Supervision

Nicole L. Kingsby Adult & Juvenile Supervision


Karen L. Hicks Administrative Assistant

Kathryn R. Oestmann Office Assistant

Jean Durham Office Assistant (part-time)