310 East Torrance Avenue
PO Box 504
Pontiac, IL 61764
TEL: (815) 844-7708
FAX: (815) 844-7712
The Livingston County Commission on Children and Youth is the comprehensive community-based youth services provider in Livingston County. The board is made up of agencies from throughout the county that serve children and youth. In addition, there are student representatives from several high schools.

Programs operated by the Commission include the Youth Initiative Program, which provides crisis intervention for runaway children and youth as well as follow-up services. Youth who cannot return home are placed with relatives or in licensed foster homes until the crisis can be resolved. “Children First” is an educational program for divorcing couples who have minor children. This program, which is mandatory throughout Illinois, teaches the effects that divorce can have on children.

Other programs of the Commission include Unified Delinquency Intervention, Family Centered Service, Extended Family Support, Illinois State Board of Education, System of Care, and Local Area Network programs that include mentoring and advocacy for children and youth. The Commission also provides funding for all of the Boys and Girls Clubs in Livingston County and the Alternative School.

Mike Shaughnessy, President
Carol Flessner, Executive Director
Dawn Conway, Secretary William Bertram, Treasurer
Jon Kilgore
Robert McCarty

Richard Jancek
Bill Bertram
Ginger Connor
Dawn Conway
Tim Henson
Linda Brummel
Bob Meiner
Jeff Flott
Jan Girard
Jon Kilgore
MaLinda Hillman
Robert McCarty
Ron Minneart
Dale Newsome
Marty Meredith
Allyson Eckhoff
Michael Shaughnessy

Carol Poshard
Lisa Massa
Carol Gardner
Nicole Winterland
Tim Kerrigan
Jennifer Bauknecht
Tom Brown
John Mehlberg
Carol Flessner
Amanda Roberts-Lieb
Shawna Gilliam
Gary Beckman
Carletta James
Joe Vaughan
Mike Quinn
Sam Detwiler
Emily Gourley
Caila Smith
Erin Kelley
Ryan Kodat
Tori Girzincic
Josh McWilliams
Brianna Ifft
Emily Jehle
Sabrina Cox

The Youth commission meets on the third Monday of the month except on holidays. The meeting is then held on the fourth Monday.