A Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Service

PO Box 593
Streator, IL  61364
TEL: (815) 673-1552
FAX: (815) 672-4842
Client Appointment Line:
(800) 322-1255

Toll Free:  (800) 892-3375

815 N. Ladd Street
Pontiac, IL 61764
TEL: (815) 844-0982
FAX: (815) 844-1048

ADV & SAS provides confidential services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


*24-Hour Medical Advocacy & Criminal Justice Advocacy
An advocate will meet with recently assaulted victims of sexual assault and domestic violence at emergency rooms or police departments in LaSalle or Livingston County to offer support, explain legal and medical procedures and assist their families.

* 24-Hour Crisis and Information Line
Advocates provide information and help 24 hours daily via toll-free number (800) 892-3375.

* Emergency Shelter
Confidential emergency shelter is provided for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Individual and group counseling is provided to persons affected by sexual assault and domestic violence.  Services are available for victims aged 13 and above.  Counseling Director screens all referrals.

Advocates assist clients in accessing medical, legal, and social services.  Advocates are available to assist clients with Orders of Protection and to provide support throughout the court process.

Staff provides information on available legal, educational, financial, medical, and community resources.

We offer presentations that promote the formation of healthy relationships and community action to prevent violence.  To schedule a program, please call the Prevention Department at (815) 673-1552.

* Talking About Safety (Grades K – 3)
Talking about Safety program, a 10-12 week safety course provides students with safety information and the opportunity to develop and practice skills to increase their personal safety.

* Steps to Respect (Grades 4 – 6)
Steps to Respect program, a 3-session program educates about the 3 R’s of bullying and provides students with an opportunity to learn and practice friendship, communication, and assertiveness skills.

* Healthy Relationships (Grades 7 –12)
Healthy Relationships program, provides middle school and high school students with information on the characteristics of unhealthy relationships, identifying risky situations, and how to respond to harassment and abusive behavior.

* STARS Prevention Program
Skills Training for Assertiveness, Relationship-Building and Sexual Awareness is a specialized prevention program for adults with disabilities.

* Taking the Steps to End Violence
A community program for adults that provides information on how to recognize, respond, support, and connect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault to community services.

ADV & SAS services are available to residents of Livingston and LaSalle counties.

Illinois Department of Human Services; LaSalle County 708 Board; Livingston County 708 Board; United Ways of Streatorland, Illinois Valley, Ottawa, Pontiac, and Fairbury; Illinois Attorney General’s Office; Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority; and donations from individuals, churches, community service organizations, and other interested parties.

All Services of ADV & SAS provided at no charge.

Margaret Morrison (mmorisson@advsas.org)
Executive Director

Kathleen Pratt
Assistant Director

Susan Shiflett
Victim Advocate

Kelly Henry
Counseling Director

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